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RHONJ Episode 4 After Party ~ Theme Party Love

Um…So it was kind of hard to feel glamourous in this episode given my costume for Amber’s shin-dig. My kind of theme is usually a little more bling than doctor’s scrubs so how about we chat cupcakes? You’ll find some adorable ideas here for cupcake themed parties! These are also sneak peaks at the footage from my Dina’s Party School courses. Download my free party and event planning app (for Apple only, Android coming in the fall!)

Speaking of fall…Check out this little throwback bonus video and learn some GREAT tips to prepare for some fall or Thanksgiving party themes!

RHONJ Episode 4 After Party ~ Seriously Venus?

You heard Nicole offer to set me up in this episode. Enter Venus Retrograde. Yeah, not happening Nicole! What exactly is a Venus Retrograde? Here’s my girl Ophi to help you get your Astrostyle on!

What the hell is a retrograde?

The retrograde that was happening at the time of filming.


RHONJ Episode 4 After Party ~ Get your Goddess ON!

My love life? Ugh. So despite my NO, Nicole invited her fireman friend to the party anyway. I am over it now so whatever…I clearly was NOT ready to be opening myself up to a new relationship at that time. Tune into Lara and Terri  as we go a little outside the box when thinking about the “L” word. How about just making life FUN rather than focusing on being attached or unattached? Take on that SELF of yours and the “F” word. I mean fear of course…Reframe dating, relationships, and yes – SEX. Get your Goddess ON! Do not miss this video ~ it has the capacity to be life changing.

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Lara gives you her template for setting boundaries with ease below.
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Terri’s After Party Swag to help guide you is HERE!


Project Ladybug: Meet Atia!

Meet the ambassador of our Fund at Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital. If there is one thing that Dina Manzo knows how to do: it’s throw a party. Watch as Atia and Dina share about their most recent Ladybug bash!

Money Love: Hard Work, Family, and a PASSION for what you do!

Dina sits down with Kate Northrup to share her philosophy about money and hard work. Dina talks the talk AND walks the walk. She also does it in STYLE: you apparently CAN be glamourous and spiritual all at the same time. See her straight up interview here.

RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ Manifesting & Moon Rituals

Early in the RHONJ season, you saw Lexi and I releasing many of her intentions around her college process. As a Mom, its so important for me to model practices that give way to peace. The simplest small and sacred practices can help you let go of attaching yourself to results while staying committed to your intention. It just so happens that his past Saturday was a new moon.  Check out my chat with Ophi Edut of Astrostyle as we discuss manifesting basics. We also explore some new and full moon rituals for using solo or with a group. We’ve put together a free guide to these rituals here! Release!

RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ The Perfect Party Table

This episode featured a beautiful dessert party thrown by Teresa. Her table was just gorgeous and I loved how she got the guests so involved in the experience of the party by blindfolding them!

A great table is the stage upon which your party performs. Whether it is an intimate dinner party or a charity ball for over 400 people, I take extra care to pay attention to every detail. Checkout this excerpt from my party planning courses over at Dina’s Party School for some tablescape tips! Take a minute to also download my free Dina’s Party School App and get more inside party and event planning love from me!

After Party Bonus Time! Let’s do a little throwback to my appearance on the Nate Berkus show. Fall is just around the corner! In this appearance I share budget friendly ways to create fabulous tablescapes for Halloween that you can adapt to any season! Watch here!