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RHONJ Episode 2 After Party ~ Lexi’s College Journey

lexicollege2.jpgAs you saw in this week’s episode the college process is not easy on the student…or the Mom! In the same way that I am sharing parts of my journey, Lexi has been very generous in sharing hers. Lexi writes for a non-profit young women’s mentoring organization that she has helped to build with many other young women. Please check out her latest reflection with Get Smart Mentoring as she shares how to mentally and spiritually prepare for going away to college! Share this with other parents or young women that it might make a difference for!



RHONJ Episode 2 After Party ~ Christmas in July!

Christmas Blog Photo 1Merry Christmas in July! In this week’s episode you saw me make my outdoor edible Christmas tree. Unlike what the episode said I LOVE Christmas! I think they took what I said about my least favorite holiday, Valentines day and mashed the words together. OY the joy of being on a reality show!

I started this tradition about three years ago when I adopted my cat Botox. Botox was kept in a cage before we found each other so he’s a little rambunctious to say the least! He loves to literally swing from the chandeliers and of course knock down my Christmas trees!

This project is so fun to do with friends or family as you saw us do with my mom and sisters. Be sure to use a heavy duty needle and environmentally friendly string.  We put this tree right outside our kitchen sliders so we can sit at the table and watch the squirrels and birds enjoy the fruits of our labor! (Pardon the pun!). The animals eat around the string so no worries about what my sister Fran said! We secure the string tight enough so when the animals pull on it, […]

RHONJ Episode 2 After Party: BONUS! Dina opens up about distance with certain family members

A question people LOVE to ask is “If you are so spiritual, how can you not talk to certain family members?” I share the answer I’ve discovered on my own path. It means so much to me to share this information with you. With my trusted friends Terri and Lara, we share the answer with authenticity.

Please take advantage of free resources to guide you on your own path. Terri and Lara have generously offered some helpful tools just for you!

Terri’s exclusive Dina’s After Party FREE offer  “Freedom Blueprint”

Lara’s exclusive Dina’s After Party FREE offer



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    RHONJ Episode 1 After Party ~ Laura Koski Breaks Down My First Interview Look

RHONJ Episode 1 After Party ~ Laura Koski Breaks Down My First Interview Look

Makeup artist to the stars Laura Koski breaks down my first interview ‘look’. See her blog below. You can follow Laura @thelaurakoski on twitter & instagram!

Laura Koski Writes:

“Dina is a rare combination of playful and serious, down-to-earth and sophisticated, spiritual and glamorous. These qualities, along with the fact that she’s a true beauty, makes it really fun to design her looks.  She’s very artistic and collaborates with me.

This look from the first episode has the feel of old Hollywood. There’s a lot of drama with the eyes, while the rest of the face glows in peach.

I apply the eyeshadow first, in order to easily clean under the eyes.  (1) Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Earth Reflection  #609.  Soft gold on the lid , bronze in the crease,  champagne on the brow bone.  Tap a little (2) MAC pigment in blonde gold onto tDinas Palette-pinkhe lid and inside corner of the eye.

(3)Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo makes a beautiful line that extends out in a slight cat-eye.

For undereye concealer I use (4) Cle de Peau in beige.  Bronze from the Chanel eyeshadow goes along the lower lash-line. Finish with (5) Ardell lashes #118.

Sculpt […]

RHONJ Episode 1 After Party ~ The class behind the sass.

Secret weapon to the stars Terri Cole breaks down our therapy session. My after party is all about sharing with you what has helped me in my own growth. Check out a free gift from Terri here!

RHONJ Episode 1 After Party~Energy Work, Moving Through Stress & Grief

Lara and I discuss energy work that helped me through some anxiety I had taping this season. Visit www.thelaratouch.com for more information.