Old Hollywood Style

This shot is from a Bravo shoot that I did for “The Fashion Show” I LOVED this look inspired by old Hollywood.


The starlet I suggested they emulate was of course my favorite of all time Grace Kelly. The started by teasing my already straightened hair at the crown and smoothing it over into a tight ponytail. As you can see I LOVE getting my hair brushed, I just about fall asleep every time I get my hair blown out!


Once they tied it back they formed a little ball made of what looked like a stocking stuffed with batting and wrapped my remaining hair around it to create a chignon. The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck. Don’t forget to use blonde hair pins if you’re hair is light. You want the look to be seamless, not all chopped up with black bobby pins.


My make up was amazing, I loved how there wasn’t much fuss but it created such a dramatic effect. Strong black liquid eyeliner with neutral tones of shadow created that Old Hollywood eye, contouring the cheekbones gives you that chiseled look that was so popular in that era. A soft neutral lip is the perfect way to wrap this look up. LOVE IT!

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