RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ Manifesting & Moon Rituals

Early in the RHONJ season, you saw Lexi and I releasing many of her intentions around her college process. As a Mom, its so important for me to model practices that give way to peace. The simplest small and sacred practices can help you let go of attaching yourself to results while staying committed to your intention. It just so happens that his past Saturday was a new moon.  Check out my chat with Ophi Edut of Astrostyle as we discuss manifesting basics. We also explore some new and full moon rituals for using solo or with a group. We’ve put together a free guide to these rituals here! Release!

RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ The Perfect Party Table

This episode featured a beautiful dessert party thrown by Teresa. Her table was just gorgeous and I loved how she got the guests so involved in the experience of the party by blindfolding them!

A great table is the stage upon which your party performs. Whether it is an intimate dinner party or a charity ball for over 400 people, I take extra care to pay attention to every detail. Checkout this excerpt from my party planning courses over at Dina’s Party School for some tablescape tips! Take a minute to also download my free Dina’s Party School App and get more inside party and event planning love from me!

After Party Bonus Time! Let’s do a little throwback to my appearance on the Nate Berkus show. Fall is just around the corner! In this appearance I share budget friendly ways to create fabulous tablescapes for Halloween that you can adapt to any season! Watch here!

RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ Mind Body Mojo

You’ve probably heard before that emotions and stress can show up in how we feel physically. This particular episode I might have been seen wearing stress on my face! Terri and Lara are BACK to share more incredibly valuable tips to help you understand the mind-body connection. In this video we discuss the practice of tapping. Please check out all of the free resources from this video to help you mind, body, and spirit!

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Check out Nick Ortner’s (The Tapping Solution) site and free resources here!

Check out Louise Hay’s App “Heal Your Body.”


RHONJ Episode 3 After Party ~ Cast Compatibility: It’s in the stars!

It wouldn’t be reality TV without a little drama now and then! Ophi Edut of Astrostyle is back to take a look at how different signs get along for better or for…WTF?! Get the inside scoop on the signs of my fellow cast members but also listen for how YOU get along with different signs. Any good party leaves their guests with a gift or two so checkout your bonus this week!

FREE GUIDE: How To Get Along With Anyone (Yes, Even That Person) from The AstroTwins


RHONJ Episode 3 After Party: Fashion & Makeup Breakdown

Breaking down my Wardrobe & Makeup!

Dinaimage1    This is my interview look of the week!

~ Grey leather sleeveless top from 25Park

~ Necklace by Henri Bendel and Metal~Styled by Melissa Garcia

~ Hair by Victoria Rocco

~ Makeup by Laura Koski (see the breakdown below!)


Makeup by Laura Koski

“Since Dina appears on television, and with the advent of high definition, my preferred method of applying foundation is with an airbrush. This is not to say that sometimes I don’t use a liquid. (My favorites are Armani Silk and Make Up Forever HD)  It depends on the look, situation and expediency.

dinamakeup1This is my equipment.  The actual product I  custom blend for Dina. Airbrush makeup is not just for celebrities and models.  Looking flawless shouldn’t only be for special occasions. Let me demystify (pun intended) with a little Airbrush 101″:

Airbrush makeup covers the skin in tiny micro-dots because it comes out as a fine spray.  It very closely mimics the way a camera sees your face. Think of it as tiny little pixels. This gives a far more natural effect.

Here are a few tips to help you apply like a pro:

Prep your skin
Apply […]

RHONJ Episode 2 After Party~ This Week’s Fashion

I always get questions about what I am wearing so here is the scoop!

dinafashionThe blue dress seen in my signature opening credit is from Reve Boutique in Englewood, New Jersey.

For the scene at Melissa’s new property:

– Ali Ro jacket

– Gold Fendi belt

– Feel the peace thumb hole shirt

– Tori Burch boots

– Jbrand jeans

– High Chi jewelry

My scene with Lexi

IMG_5278My manifesting scene with Lexi features the following:

– Alex & Olivia Jacket
– Tom Ford sunglasses
– Solo yoga pants
– With love from Lucille scarf
– Ladybug gloves from Bergdorf Goodman

For more on Lexi’s look, please check out her lifestyle blog at Boho Chicken!


Hats, Hats, and…Hats!

This episode was all about the “hat” for Me. My girl Melissa Garcia breaks it down!

“Let’s be honest, Dina can certainly rock a hat like no other.

dinahat2.jpgIn this episode of RHONJ, Dina wore the fedora style hat more than once.  A fedora is a great hat with just enough attitude and style for those who are just getting their feet wet in the “hat world”.  It’s almost virtually impossible to […]

RHONJ Episode 2 After Party ~ Dina’s Makeup Secrets!

Check out makeup artist Rebekah Castaneda as she gives you the inside track into my makeup!:

For Dina’s sultry look, I used Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette, and MAC Teddy Eye Kohl Pencil on her top and bottom lashes. For a gorgeous pop of color, I lined the water line with one of my favorites, MAC Chromagraphic eye pencil in Marine Ultra. It’s a bright naval blue that instantly brightened her eyes. For her pretty flushed cheeks, I used Nars Orgasm Blush and bronzed her with Nars Laguna Bronzer. Her lips are a gorgeous mix of MAC Fanfare Lipstick, Spice lip pencil, and Love Nectar Lustreglass.

Business Inquiries: Rebekah Castaneda rvcastaneda@gmail.com Instagram @rebbypoo