RHONJ Episode 6 After Party ~ Dinner Party 101

This week’s episode featured a dinner party thrown at one of Reno’s restaurants. It’s great to be able to create that atmosphere in your own home or on a larger scale. Entertaining and event planning is more than a hobby for me, it’s truly a passion. As much as I love to throw a big Project Ladybug bash, I also enjoy hosting more intimate gatherings. Details are truly everything when planning your dinner party. Check out this sneak peek inside one of my Dina’s Party School online courses!

My online virtual courses through Lovegevity are designed to help you plan your own events AND to plan events professionally for others. Create amazing moments that people will not forget! We have several options available to take the course to fit your time, learning style, and budget. Check us out here!

Download to free Dina’s Party School App here! (Apple Only, Adroid coming this Fall!)


RHONJ Episode 6 After Party ~ Vision Board Love

Wanting something is just NOT enough. You saw me and Teresa sharing some vision board love in this week’s episode. I challenge YOU to make your own to represent what you truly want to create; from a job to a relationship to eating clean healthy foods. Creating it is one step, and acting “as if” you’ve got it is another.

Be SPECIFIC and BELIEVING is super important. Check out my video from vacation heaven and break out the magazines and craft supplies! Take pictures and show us what you are up to! Post on Instagram and tag @dinamanzo and @dinaspartyschool to share the love. Your life will thank you ~ xoxo


For some detailed instructions on creating yours, click here.

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Juicy tips & FREE gifts and we will see you next week at Dina’s After Party!

RHONJ Episode 5 After Party: Handling Betrayal

This week’s episode had betrayal running through it’s veins! This video is really to aid any of you in dealing with being betrayed in any kind of relationship. Watch it all xoxo ~ Dina

Lara shows you how to release any anger AND how to tap into your core values and self-expression. Terri illuminates the journey big time: “Self love is the path the true love.”

From Terri:

Get your Self Love on with this week’s Free gift, Terri’s guided Self Love Meditation!

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From Lara:

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“You are so LOVEABLE”

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RHONJ Episode 5 After Party ~ Your Inner B-I-T-C-H!

Yikes! Could we have just left more of my dating disaster on the cutting room floor Bravo? Ok…well this is reality TV! Check out my sit down with Beth Tiger, of A Life Well Lived in Ramsey, New Jersey. Beth is an author, teacher, and coach, and my personal friend. Don’t miss our chat about healing through divorce and a new spin on your inner B-I-T-C-H!

 Also, check out the book we mentioned: Rising From The Ashes Of Divorce



RHONJ Episode 5 After Party ~ Dina’s Party School SURPRISE!

10583953_708654462521420_2566947546235065566_nThis past week had a HUGE bright spot in it that totally lifted my spirits. I surprised students graduating from my course offered at Lehman College in the Bronx through Lovegevity. It was so touching to see these budding event planners graduating and getting ready to take on the world. I shared some of my own journey as a professional event designer and answered some of their burning questions. Many people have been asking about the course through social media. The course can be taken virtually (with instructional videos from yours truly!) or it is offered on college campuses nationwide as part of Lovegevity’s event planning certification courses. Lovegeivty is about more than just teaching people how to be party and event planners, but about educating people to own and grow their own smart and savvy businesses! Please visit Dina’s Party School and find out how to learn more from me about designing a career you love in party and event planning! Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (the video above does actually work – just hit play!)

A member of our Dina’s Party […]

RHONJ Episode 5 After Party BONUS~ Raw Footage Rocker Chic

Ok, so deal with it that this video isn’t all pretty and perfect like the others! Here’s a bonus inside look at my rocker chic look this season! For more on this look and my visit to Maluka with Lexi, check out my girl Melissa Garcia’s blog here! For more fashion and styling updates from Melissa, please follow her on Twitter!

RHONJ Episode 4 After Party ~ Theme Party Love

Um…So it was kind of hard to feel glamourous in this episode given my costume for Amber’s shin-dig. My kind of theme is usually a little more bling than doctor’s scrubs so how about we chat cupcakes? You’ll find some adorable ideas here for cupcake themed parties! These are also sneak peaks at the footage from my Dina’s Party School courses. Download my free party and event planning app (for Apple only, Android coming in the fall!)

Speaking of fall…Check out this little throwback bonus video and learn some GREAT tips to prepare for some fall or Thanksgiving party themes!