5 Reasons Giving is Good for the SOUL!

PLBgivingTuesWho was the brilliant person that decided to create a day all about giving? It’s exciting to see so much good energy all over social  media today. #GivingTuesday calls us to be conscious of the true meaning of the holiday season. Sometimes just a simple small gesture can make all the difference in our day. Giving isn’t just about donating money or taking an action it’s about deeply connecting to the purpose behind generosity. So here are 5 reasons that giving in general is good for the soul!

1. Giving shares your energy with the world! Imagine a world without love or generosity. You may think you are just one person, but when you give you connect with all of the other generous souls out there and giving becomes a source of connection.

2. Giving can take your attention off STRESS! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of your daily life. When we take a moment to breathe and consider someone else, it’s a little mental break from our own reality. We come back refreshed and renewed with warmth in our heart.

3. Giving is a reflection of your authentic […]

Project Ladybug: Meet Atia!

Meet the ambassador of our Fund at Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital. If there is one thing that Dina Manzo knows how to do: it’s throw a party. Watch as Atia and Dina share about their most recent Ladybug bash!

It’s Project Ladybug Month

Well it’s May 1st and it’s time to launch my favorite month of the year ~ Project Ladybug month!

We’ve got quite a few exciting things on our calendar, first and foremost it’s the start of our Lucky Locks campaign…I KNOW you want to wear a red extension in your hair to support children with Cancer. What a fun fashionable way to support! and if you want to get your salon owner involved and offer lucky locks at their location please have them visit www.luckylocks.org for info!

Our Chicago Atia’s Project Ladybug fund is in full gear for it’s annual big event on May 17th! This years theme is Stars and Cars….so much fun! You may catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and most of Chicago’s who’s who…and I’ll be flying out to be a part of it of course! Please visit our Chicago link to learn more about how you can attend or donate.

Dina’s Party along with the Bergen Mamas will be hosting an “upscale” flea market if you will this month as well. You can check out how we transform others items they can no longer use in to beautiful treasures that will be for sale with all […]

A Special Ladybug

Last Friday, we honored a special little ladybug, who had previously missed her 16th birthday due to her intense battle with cancer. Though she went into remission earlier this year, it was just a few months ago she received the news that the cancer was back.

Knowing this beautiful girl and her story, the Designer Affair team and I were dedicated to giving her a spectacular Sweet 16 party. So, with a little insight from her mother on what decor she would like we called on some help from our friends. What came to be was a zebra and purple extravaganza and an overwhelming response from contributors that all donated their time to making this a beautiful evening for the birthday girl.

Our birthday princess was so excited for her surprise birthday party and the look on her face made it all worth it for everyone. Check out some of the pictures from this amazing evening and see below for the wonderful people and companies who donated their services and time.

With a heavy heart I’m sad to say that our beautiful birthday princess lost her battle with Cancer only 5 days after this celebration of her life. It was truly an […]