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Thanksgiving Tips Made Easy & Fabulous!

Check out these easy Thanksgiving tips to wow your guests! Happy celebrating!



Dina’s After Party ~ Stay Connected!

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Check out a recent blog and video about remaining peaceful during conflict. It’s got some great tools for centering yourself and staying grounded!

Halloween With Nate Berkus

RHONJ Episode 7 After Party ~ Love’s One-Two Punch

Well I wasn’t able to view this week’s episode before filming my after party, but what I do know is that there is SOMETHING to do with Valentine’s day…my favorite…(ugh).  I am always honest about still learning and growing in the area of love, and I even let myself laugh a little about it! I share a big lesson of learning to create my own happiness this week. As Terri perfectly puts it in this video, there is GOLD in the “one two punch for your love life” waiting for you. These two ladies really have the magic touch when it comes to clearing out old fears and designing a new way to look at love. Please, if you do anything else, give YOURSELF some lovin’ by taking advantage of Lara and Terri’s free resources.

Terri helps you discover and uncover your blueprint around love so you can start to see the big “L” with NEW EYES. You deserve authentic love NOW! Get it HERE. 

Next take advantage of Lara’s energy exercise and learn her “Top 7 Affirmative Phrases” to foster and to support love in your life. Lara used these practices to manifest her own husband in a matter of […]

RHONJ Episode 6 After Party ~ Dinner Party 101

This week’s episode featured a dinner party thrown at one of Reno’s restaurants. It’s great to be able to create that atmosphere in your own home or on a larger scale. Entertaining and event planning is more than a hobby for me, it’s truly a passion. As much as I love to throw a big Project Ladybug bash, I also enjoy hosting more intimate gatherings. Details are truly everything when planning your dinner party. Check out this sneak peek inside one of my Dina’s Party School online courses!

My online virtual courses through Lovegevity are designed to help you plan your own events AND to plan events professionally for others. Create amazing moments that people will not forget! We have several options available to take the course to fit your time, learning style, and budget. Check us out here!

Download to free Dina’s Party School App here! (Apple Only, Adroid coming this Fall!)


RHONJ Episode 6 After Party ~ Vision Board Love

Wanting something is just NOT enough. You saw me and Teresa sharing some vision board love in this week’s episode. I challenge YOU to make your own to represent what you truly want to create; from a job to a relationship to eating clean healthy foods. Creating it is one step, and acting “as if” you’ve got it is another.

Be SPECIFIC and BELIEVING is super important. Check out my video from vacation heaven and break out the magazines and craft supplies! Take pictures and show us what you are up to! Post on Instagram and tag @dinamanzo and @dinaspartyschool to share the love. Your life will thank you ~ xoxo


For some detailed instructions on creating yours, click here.

Get your LAW of attraction mojo ON with my girls Lara & Terri’s free gifts!

From Terri:

Meditation 101

Manifesting into Sleep guided meditation for manifesting in your dreams! (How is that for efficient?) Get them HERE 

From Lara

A morning get-your-groove-on energy exercise!: Ignite the feelings associated with your dreams fulfilled! Get it HERE.

Juicy tips & FREE gifts and we will see you next week at Dina’s After Party!

Dina’s Holiday Tips – Extra Sparkle

Add that extra touch of holiday sparkle for your next holiday party!