Summer Crafting

I had some little house guests yesterday, it was a rainy day here in the Hamptons but we still have so much fun! (Hint #1 ALWAYS have a rain plan when entertaining guests at your beach house, especially when children are involved!)

We started by visiting the beach to collect some rocks & shells…I had a collection already put aside in case the rain was too hard but it was only a light drizzle. Crafts always take on more meaning when the “crafters” are involved from the very beginning. Every time they look at the finished product for years to come the memory of the entire day will flood back to them!

(If you don’t live near a beach most craft stores sell bags of smooth rocks usually used for floral arranging. Shells can be purchased online to bring that relaxed beachy feeling to your home no matter where you call home.)

Once we arrived home I covered my dining room table with a plastic table cloth and the imaginations ran wild. The best thing about this craft is you can use markers OR paint. Markers make for more of a fine line when WRITING on your rocks (and keeps the mess […]

Dina’s Holiday Tips – Extra Sparkle

Add that extra touch of holiday sparkle for your next holiday party!

Dina’s Holiday Tips – Wall Decor

Create your own holiday masterpiece with these 3-D wall covering tips!

Dina’s Holiday Tips – Appetizers

What’s worst than getting stuck with a handful of delicious appetizers, if you don’t have a hand to enjoy them with.

Dina’s Holiday Tips – Lighting

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Thank You Notes

To send a thank you note or not to send a thank you note?  You absolutely should!  You never know just how far a simple expression of gratitude can go after you have received a warmly given gift or have hosted an event where vendor services were used.

The value of writing and exchanging letters of any kind is an act that has been long replaced by the ease of sending out a quick text or email, but after an event, it’s important to thank your guests and vendors for the time, gifts, or services that made your social outing a success.  Plus, hand-writing a Thank You note takes almost no time and will remind the people in attendance just how much you appreciate them.

Not sure where to start your Thank You note?  Just stick to the basics – Dear Nettie, – no need to get too formal with your friends and family with the all of the Mr./Mrs./Ms. titles.  Then you’ll want to state your appreciation – Thank you so much for the beautiful, handmade necklace – there, you’ve set a mission for the letter you are writing.  Next, you’ll want to let them know just how much you […]

Place Setting Tips