12 tips to the Holidays tip 3

This tip is super quick!  Don’t be afraid to bring a little sparkle to your holiday decorations

12 days of Holiday tip 2

12 days of Holiday Tips 1

Its 12 tips to the holidays.  Here is tip number 1

Thanksgiving Tips

Show your Gratitude this season with a thanksgiving DIY!  I have an easy project to turn your everyday tables cape into an inspired, bespoke ode to falls favorite holiday.

Dina’s California Digs

Summer Crafting

I had some little house guests yesterday, it was a rainy day here in the Hamptons but we still have so much fun! (Hint #1 ALWAYS have a rain plan when entertaining guests at your beach house, especially when children are involved!)

We started by visiting the beach to collect some rocks & shells…I had a collection already put aside in case the rain was too hard but it was only a light drizzle. Crafts always take on more meaning when the “crafters” are involved from the very beginning. Every time they look at the finished product for years to come the memory of the entire day will flood back to them!

(If you don’t live near a beach most craft stores sell bags of smooth rocks usually used for floral arranging. Shells can be purchased online to bring that relaxed beachy feeling to your home no matter where you call home.)

Once we arrived home I covered my dining room table with a plastic table cloth and the imaginations ran wild. The best thing about this craft is you can use markers OR paint. Markers make for more of a fine line when WRITING on your rocks (and keeps the mess […]

Who’s Kitty?

For decades, men have taken pride in their beloved toolboxes. Eagerly waiting to step in and practice being Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, they keep the box handy, ready to fix anything from a leaky faucet to a wobbly ceiling fan. In today’s day and age, we girls need our own box. We don’t necessarily need electric drills and other similar thingamajigs, but we do need essentials for our to-do lists, tools for hanging artwork or moving that lush couch from spot A to spot B.

We have a little character on Dina’s Party, her name is “Kitty” it’s our loving name for a HUGE tool kit that we drag around with us to every set up. She’s always in the background of every scene and at times has been the topic of conversation, that’s how important she is!

I’ve put together a list for some must have tools and gadgets for a modern handy gal. Check them out below.


In recent years, there have been many more blackouts and power outages than anyone would like. Flashlights are the NUMBER ONE item to have in your toolbox. You just never know when it might come in handy. Plus, from time […]