Please & Thank You

We do it every now and then: reflect on all that we’ve experienced in the past and the possibilities that we hold within ourselves. With almost half the year completed, this is a great time to get present to the many things in our life that we are so very thankful to have.

Each morning, right before you start your day (I like to fit mine in as I sip my hot water with lemon), or you can do this at night right before you go to bed, get yourself a piece of paper, notebook, or even your smartphone and take the time to contemplate and write down ten things that you are grateful for. Start your sentences with “I am grateful for…” or “I am grateful that…” The items on your list can be absolutely anything and everything that you are appreciative for: It could be your crazy family, having the means to help those less fortunate, the upcoming trip to Spain you planned with your friends… right down to the mozzarella cheese on your pizza! (And we all know that melty, cheesy goodness needs some recognition every now and then!)

Below are some reasons why you should consider writing […]

Be Passionate.

soul on fireConfucius once said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” There are many different interpretations of these wise words, but they all boil down to one all-important idea: Having passion for what you do.

Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something, so it can be argued that being passionate about what you do for eight or more hours on end, day in and day out, is extremely vital to the quality of your life. But eight hours a day is only thirty percent of what makes up your life, so today, let’s talk about the other seventy percent! Are you living a fully passionate life? Do you approach every situation eager to learn and grow? Are you thirsty for knowledge? Do you put 100% of yourself into everything that you do?

I’ve had this talk with many people and some of those convos ended with the other person staring at me, a “this crazy cat lady is really nuts if she thinks she can be passionate about everything that she […]

Letting Go

How do you know when to hold onto something and when to let it go?

This is probably one of the toughest decisions we have to make in our lives, but also one of the most important. Why? Well, because you can’t keep on drinking spoiled milk or you’re going to end up really sick (and in the end, kicking yourself in the you-know-what). As hard as it is to say Au Revoir to some things in our life, like that friendship we’ve held onto for way too long, or even a job that has long since stopped fulfilling our needs, some things have an expiration date and we owe it to ourselves to come to terms with it and let it go.

You might be on the fence about whether to cut the cord or keep it in tact. Some symptoms of this are wondering whether enough is really enough, and justifying yourself or another to avoid taking decisive actions. So just for you, I’ve come up with some questions that you can ask yourself when you are stuck […]

My Happy Place

Imagine you are walking through a big field with the most beautiful, vibrantly colored flowers blooming all around you. You can hear birds chirping happily in the distance, singing songs to you from a distance. The fresh, fragrant air smells quite a bit like what you imagine heaven would smell like. The temperature is perfect, and you can feel the sun’s rays pleasantly warming your skin as a gentle breeze drifts over you. As you walk through the field, you notice a quilted, fluffy blanket stretched out on the grass, as if waiting for you. You answer the blanket’s call and decide rest a while on it, and take in the beautiful sights that surround you. As you lay down on the blanket and close your eyes, all of your worries and fears are swept away and you are overtaken by a feeling of complete and utter tranquility.


This is my “happy place.”


When life’s pressures are weighing me down and I get caught in the tornado of the struggles and petty complaints that are characteristic of this life, it can be difficult for me to […]

Magic Mirror…



“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

The evil queen from Snow White wasn’t too happy when the truthful mirror told her an answer she wasn’t ready to hear. There are often times when it becomes necessary for us to look into our own “magic mirror” and take a good look at the person staring back. In real life, mirrors can seem like a gateway to the soul, or windows to a completely different, backwards world. But in order to truly benefit from what our magic mirror has to offer, we need to go beyond the physical surface and look deeper into the unconscious realm, where we will find our deepest fears, our deepest desires, and our deepest truths.

We might not know it, but the best mirror to show us these deeper truths are the very people we surround ourselves with every day. Through my spiritual journey, I am learning that everything that we see on the outside is a reflection of what we feel on the inside: every relationship, every person, every little situation is specifically sought out by our souls so […]

I am…


“I am Powerful” “I am peaceful” “I am open to receiving all of my blessings” I can just see your faces right now  “What the heck is she talking about this time?”   I’m talking about the art of intension and affirmations. Think of them as sorta a spiritual “to do” list (but let’s start with just one for now). Whether your goal is peace of mind, a healthy body, or just being open to receiving whatever message the universe is trying to send us, the intention sets the tone for your thoughts and in turn your actions.

Many yoga classes start with intention setting so you may know what I’m talking about but you don’t have to be a Yogi to incorporate Intention into your life. I’ve taken this practice and applied it to my daily grind: Every morning before I get out of bed, I set an Intention for the day. Then I choose an affirmation (keep it short and sweet) that coincides with my Intention and repeat it 10 times. I then go on to set a reminder on my phone so I remember to repeat my affirmation every couple of hours (shout […]

Aint nothin wrong with a little me time…

We do one million things a day. Okay, maybe not one million, but somewhere in between cooking breakfast and taking the trash out before bed, it sure does feel like it. Think about your daily routine. Now, think about how much time you take for yourself on daily basis. (No, bathroom breaks at work do not count.) If you’re like most people, forty plus hours of your week are spent at work. Then, you have your never ending to-do list, a family to take care of, pets to play with, treadmills to run on, so on and so forth. It’s almost as if every single minute of your day is planned. But how many of those minutes do you spend indulging yourself and loving yourself? Answer: Probably not enough.

Well, I have some news for you. If you don’t recharge your batteries and make some YOU time, chances are you will get run down. Yes, I’m talking to you, Super(wo)man! And if you get run down, who in the world is going to get things done? You know how flight attendants always tell you to put your mask on first and then help others in […]

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