It’s just a bug…or is it? Pay attention to the signs


When life becomes stressful or when we come to a point where we are stuck and don’t know where to go, we find signs that guide us along our path. Be it a sign from God, from the universe, Buddha, angels, or loved ones who have passed, we sometimes see rare messages that help us in our time of need or decision making. In the bookSigns From Above, Doreen and Charles Virtue discuss continuous messages that are sent to us from our guardian angels. Our angels (or whatever you may like to call them) are always surrounding us. At times when we feel the most alone and scared, our angels, or inner spirit guides, are gently showing us the way and lending a helping hand. As a matter of fact, they give us signs on a daily basis, but we may casually overlook it, as they may be small and not impact us in a significant way (or so we think).

However, when we take a look back to different moments in our life, we will see that we have been sent many messages, whether it was a […]

Aries New Moon: Fight For a Cause

It’s been a month since my voyage out to the desert, and another new moon is here! Today’s new moon is in Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac. Unlike peaceful Pisces, Aries is more of a fighter. But hey, we all need to find that warrior in us, especially when it’s for a cause. (For more on this, my friends The AstroTwins wrote a great post on how to tap into the power of the Aries new moon to find your passion and purpose!)

Desert Zen: Pisces New Moon


When a new moon falls in your zodiac sign, it’s considered your “personal new year,” according to my friend and astrologer Ophi of The AstroTwins. So imagine how lucky I felt to be a short drive from the Nevada desert on March 11, the day of this year’s Pisces new moon.

Ophi, a few friends and I drove out to a dry lake bed (okay, okay, so were chauffeured there…in a chromed-out EmpireCLS Escalade…but as I always say, you can be glamorous and spiritual at the same time!) A little escape from the chaos of Vegas is just what I needed as a special little belated birthday treat.

My friends and I wrote our intentions, burned them at sunset and shared a magical night filled with inspirational banter and yes, a little potato launching. You heard that right: I shot my first potato into the horizon. I told you I was well rounded! ; )


Flower Power

I love flowers, everything from the way they smell to the way they look. I ALWAYS have fresh flowers in my house at all times. The sweet-smelling, aromatic scents are always an instant mood booster for me, and the beauty of all the different kinds of flowers brings ambiance to any room or garden. However, flowers are more than just a finishing touch added to a tablescape or for a birthday bouquet sending well wishes: Flowers have vibrational energies that are used for healing.

The Universal Law tells us that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates; we are living in an ocean of energy. So it only makes sense that when we come into close contact with these healing flowers that there’s energy exchange in which we absorb these therapeutic vibrations. Think about when you smell the aroma of lavender, how does your body and mind react to the scent? I don’t know about you, but it instantly takes me to a place of serenity and tranquility. Many professionals […]

The Power of NOW

Life is busy. We are busy. But do you believe in the Power of Now? I do….


Sometimes it gets so crazy that we might begin to feel more like robots and less like human beings. We have tasks to accomplish at work, errands to run, families to feed, places to go, and people to see. Minute by minute of our 24 hour day is scheduled (godforbid there is an extra long line at the grocery store that keeps you an additional 10 minutes, making you late for the next appointment you have booked). It can be so completely overwhelming that we sometimes forget to stop and be in the moment. I mean let’s be honest, how could we possibly live in the now when we are constantly thinking about what we have to do next?!


Before we know it, times goes by and we look back thinking “How the heck is it April already…it feels like I was just browsing for Halloween costumes yesterday.” Not only does this take a toll on our physical bodies, but it also affects (and drains) both our mental and spiritual energy. Continually thinking about […]

Libra Full Moon: My “Monstermoon” Bath!

dina-bathtubSo today is the full moon in Libra, the sign of balance, peace and harmony. But this full moon has not been easy, and it seems that the stars are to blame. Several planets are pulling us all in a few different directions. Some astrologers are even calling this a “monster moon” because of all the intense energy. Anyone else multitasking like a maniac? Or feel like you’re having trouble juggling it all?

Guess that’s why this Pisces decided she needed a decadent soak in the tub—candlelight and all. When the going gets tough, a Pisces turns up the self-care. Probably a good idea for any sign!

My  friends The AstroTwins wrote a great post about this Libra full moon that you should read. It will help explain any chaotic feelings in the air today, and how to use change to your advantage. Read it here and enjoy!

Astrology: My Go-To Astrologers, The AstroTwins

dina-ophi-ladybugAnyone who knows me knows that I love astrology. I’m a proud Pisces (with Sagittarius rising & moon). Thanks to The AstroTwins, I finally understand what that means, and the importance of knowing your chart!

Read your free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes by The AstroTwins here!

In early 2012, I had a reading with Ophi (one-half of The AstroTwins), and I was amazed by how accurate it was. She quickly became my honorary oracle and “spirit sister,” and as crazy as it sounds, I turn to her for advice for business and personal matters.

Ophi is more of an intuitive astrologer, and she has a background in coaching, too. The combination is really powerful, and I rely on her wisdom and guidance for all aspects of my life. She also keeps her Tarot cards handy whenever we hang out. Often, a ladies’ lunch or a girls’ night out becomes a spiritual soiree!

I’m so happy to share The AstroTwins’ gift with you on my site!

Read my interview on The AstroTwins’ parenting website Momstrology here: