Letting go…

If there was one thing that I could tell people that made a RADICAL change in my life is to “let go”…
Now I know that could mean so much but when u think about it it’s really very simple.
Let go of all that doesn’t serve you, let go of all that holds you back from being your AUTHENTIC self. Let go of anyONE that doesn’t know or appreciate how amazing you are.
You can and SHOULD love all these things you let go of, because they were part of you…but you can do that from a distance.
If you hold on, you can’t make space for all the beautiful things life has to offer and more importantly it will hold you back from sharing your God given gift with others.
It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do in so many instances but also the most rewarding. We are all here to shine our light…Shine on xo

Create Your Reality: Vision Boards

Imagine you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed about, from that dream job, that luxury car, a healthy, toned body, or that killer vacation in Maui. What about just peace of mind? No, you don’t have to win the lottery or sign up for some kind of crazy reality show. As a matter of fact, all you need is a vision…and some magazines, scissors, and push pins. Hear me out…

 The magical, dream-achieving device I’m referring to here is what’s known as a “vision board”. Which is, in short, a cork board (or paper, or wall, or whatever you’d like to use) on which you stick images and representations of different things you’d really love to have or achieve. You might be saying, alright, but how the heck is a piece of paper going to make all my dreams come true? Well, it’s not, strictly speaking. You are. You are the one with the power to grant your own wishes! The vision board is just a tool to make it happen by providing you with a real, tangible “map” to the life YOU want to be living. Visualization (à la The Secret) is the […]

My Trip to San Fran

My assistant Luke and I took a quick Trip to San Francisco to film some wrap up shots for season one of “Dina’s Party”. I’ve never been and although I worked most of the time there I did get some time the last day to explore the beauty.

The view of the Golden Gate bridge was absolutely breathtaking, and we were lucky enough to take a sunset walk along Crissy park. I got such kick out of all the dogs running and playing on the beach. There were all shapes and sizes running into the water catching balls. There was even a 3 legged dog hopping around too…soo cute.

We also visited the Palace of the fine arts that was our inspiration for an episode of “Dina’s Party”. I was amazed on being able to capture the essence of the palace by pictures alone…It was a great experience to finally see the real thing.

It was a great trip but this girl left her heart in Jersey…I was so happy to finally get home to my hubby, Lex and all my little animals but I’m open to another visit soon!

Weekend getaway

I grabbed Lexi for the weekend and headed to my favorite place on earth…The Hamptons. Fall is my favorite time of the year, from apple picking to the warm tones of the season I accessorize my home with. I love everything about it. The weather for the weekend was just perfect and we captured the magic of an autumn sunset over the Sag Harbor Bay.

We stayed at East Hampton’s Mill House Inn, a beautiful peaceful gem in the center of town. Not only did they have a fluffy stuffed dog waiting for Lexi on her bed but there was fresh baked cookies available 24 hours in the warm & welcoming Lobby. These little visits to my happy place recharge my batteries and soothe my soul…