Welcome to ‘LIFESTYLE by Dina’

I am so pleased to introduce a new Blog series created for you by me. With them, I hope to provide information and special ‘finds’ that will inspire and enhance your life with beauty, creativity and an overall healthy outlook for ‘life’. Through a series of seven Blogs, I will share everything from; interior design and fashion tips, all about ‘good eats’, gardening tips to create your own outdoor oasis and even some spiritual and holistic guidelines to help illustrate that the life we wish to have is truly in our own hands.

I’m also working on a  video library to support this idea; that a fulfilled life begins with the kind of ‘lifestyle’ and ‘wellness choices’ that enhance your authentic self. [Learned that from Oprah!]

Check in often as I hope to inspire, entertain, motivate and even make you laugh little from time to time.

“Find your passion and pursue it with love, grace and integrity”