Create Your Reality: Vision Boards

Imagine you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed about, from that dream job, that luxury car, a healthy, toned body, or that killer vacation in Maui. What about just peace of mind? No, you don’t have to win the lottery or sign up for some kind of crazy reality show. As a matter of fact, all you need is a vision…and some magazines, scissors, and push pins. Hear me out…

 The magical, dream-achieving device I’m referring to here is what’s known as a “vision board”. Which is, in short, a cork board (or paper, or wall, or whatever you’d like to use) on which you stick images and representations of different things you’d really love to have or achieve. You might be saying, alright, but how the heck is a piece of paper going to make all my dreams come true? Well, it’s not, strictly speaking. You are. You are the one with the power to grant your own wishes! The vision board is just a tool to make it happen by providing you with a real, tangible “map” to the life YOU want to be living. Visualization (à la The Secret) is the key to success.

Here’s the secret recipe to building your own dream life at home:

1. Okay, so the first thing you need to do is find a quiet, peaceful place where you can sit and hear yourself think. Daily life can be so hectic at times – Running errands, attending meetings, cooking dinner for the fam, cleaning, and somehow, somewhere still finding time for your children, hubby, brothers, sisters, parents, aunt Mirella, uncle Rob, so on and so forth. There is constant noise that distracts us. So, finding a place where the only voice you hear is your own is an essential key to creating your vision board.

OR you can go completely opposite as I do quite often, gather your friends, ask them all to bring supplies and magazines, open a bottle of wine (or some tea) and share your thoughts and desires together as you create your boards. I’ve done this with my family, my employees and even my daughters new boyfriend (come on you know you want to see what’s on his mind). It’s a great way to bond and spread the love….

2. Next, think about what you want. This could be anything. I repeat, ANYTHING! The bigger your vision, the better. Do you have a goal that you’ve been putting on the back burner or a desire to do something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Maybe it’s time to finally score that dream job you’ve always wanted, buy that beautiful white picket fence house in the suburbs, start that not-for-profit organization you’ve been thinking about doing since college, zip line through the Rain Forest in Costa Rica, build your dream shoe closet, live more in the moment, or even marry Bradley Cooper (okay fine, you’ll settle for his look alike). Let that tiny voice in you- you know the one; it tells you to tone it down, to play it safe, that you don’t deserve it, that it’s not the time- filter out into the background. Your inner self knows exactly what it wants, but you have to be aware and completely open to what it’s telling you.

3. Now that you know what you truly desire, you are ready to cut and paste. Start flipping pages of your favorite magazines, cutting out pictures and words that express your inner desires and visions of what you want to manifest. Once you find what you like, pin it onto your cork board. (Craft supply stores have lots of fun push pins, I even have ladybug ones for mine.) You can go crazy here and let your imagination run wild. Remember: Don’t limit yourself. These are your wildest dreams you’re bringing to life. This is no time to tame your imagination. Step outside of your box and get creative. Your vision board doesn’t have to have perfectly trimmed picture edges either; so cut yourself some slack if your lines look more zigzag than straight. Have fun with it!

4. Once you have taped or pasted everything onto the board, take a couple of minutes to reflect on all the beautiful images you put together. Look at each image individually, reminding yourself what goal or desire it’s related to. Next, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and think about all of the positive feelings that you associate with these inner desires. Finally, and most importantly, place your new vision board where it’s visible to you on a daily basis. Constantly having the visual images in front of our faces will remind us of all those positive feelings we associate with our inner desires, sending positive vibes into the universe, and helping to make those dreams a reality. Believe you will one day achieve these things, know it, feel as if you have everything on that board already! I literally check things off my board on a monthly basis, to the point where I have to upgrade mine often.

You can always edit your vision board. So, if you decide that you and Mr. Bradley Cooper look alike will have a beautiful garden in the back of your suburban home where you sip tea and do yoga on lazy afternoons, add it to the board. Be specific and most importantly have fun! Once you open your mind and heart, you will find that the possibilities for your life are ‘limitless.’ Are you ready…get set…CREATE!


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