My $20 Fashion Faux-Pas Defenders

Attention all fashionistas out there in the world, what is worse than a flailing strap or blistering shoe?!  Few things, very few things, but through enough appearances and events I’ve come up with some crafty ways to battle the pestering faux-pas we all have to endure to stay fabulous.

Double-sided body tape is by far one of the best inventions for the modern trendsetter.  It can do way more than secure a dramatic drape from a definite nip slip… This $10 fix can be purchased in any drug store or department store and can repair a fallen hem, hold a pretty applique to a dress or top, and is the perfect fix to anything off-the-shoulder.

Blistering, uncomfortable shoes you say?  No problem, invest in a couple of packs of mole skin and cushy, gel shoe pads and you’ll be dancing your days and nights away in even the highest of high heels.  Mole skin is AMAZING stuff; it is soft and fuzzy on one side and has an adhesive on the other.  Best thing about it – the small pads can be traced and cut to fit any shoe exactly on its most uncomfortable spots, thin, toe straps or rough heel backs, Mole Skin is your answer.

And my other go-to is clear nail polish top coat.  Whether you knick your tights and use it to save yourself from a run or to fix a chipping manicure on the go, clear top coat can also be used to coat a piece of fun costume jewelry from turning your skin that icky, green.

All of these things can be found in your local drug store and not only be under $20, but will be able to save your best outfits, but make you enjoy your event without any worry for a dreaded fashion faux-pas.

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