RHONJ Episode 6 After Party ~ Vision Board Love

Wanting something is just NOT enough. You saw me and Teresa sharing some vision board love in this week’s episode. I challenge YOU to make your own to represent what you truly want to create; from a job to a relationship to eating clean healthy foods. Creating it is one step, and acting “as if” you’ve got it is another.

Be SPECIFIC and BELIEVING is super important. Check out my video from vacation heaven and break out the magazines and craft supplies! Take pictures and show us what you are up to! Post on Instagram and tag @dinamanzo and @dinaspartyschool to share the love. Your life will thank you ~ xoxo


For some detailed instructions on creating yours, click here.

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From Terri:

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From Lara

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Juicy tips & FREE gifts and we will see you next week at Dina’s After Party!

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