RHONJ Episode 7 After Party ~ Love’s One-Two Punch

Well I wasn’t able to view this week’s episode before filming my after party, but what I do know is that there is SOMETHING to do with Valentine’s day…my favorite…(ugh).  I am always honest about still learning and growing in the area of love, and I even let myself laugh a little about it! I share a big lesson of learning to create my own happiness this week. As Terri perfectly puts it in this video, there is GOLD in the “one two punch for your love life” waiting for you. These two ladies really have the magic touch when it comes to clearing out old fears and designing a new way to look at love. Please, if you do anything else, give YOURSELF some lovin’ by taking advantage of Lara and Terri’s free resources.

Terri helps you discover and uncover your blueprint around love so you can start to see the big “L” with NEW EYES. You deserve authentic love NOW! Get it HERE. 

Next take advantage of Lara’s energy exercise and learn her “Top 7 Affirmative Phrases” to foster and to support love in your life. Lara used these practices to manifest her own husband in a matter of months. Move those blocks over and open your heart!. Get it HERE.


**Keep the vision boards coming! If you missed the video or the great gifts from Terri and Lara last week, check them out here. At the end of this month we will pick the board that most inspires us and you will get a personal gift from me ~ ladybug slippers!



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