Desert Zen: Pisces New Moon


When a new moon falls in your zodiac sign, it’s considered your “personal new year,” according to my friend and astrologer Ophi of The AstroTwins. So imagine how lucky I felt to be a short drive from the Nevada desert on March 11, the day of this year’s Pisces new moon.

Ophi, a few friends and I drove out to a dry lake bed (okay, okay, so were chauffeured there…in a chromed-out EmpireCLS Escalade…but as I always say, you can be glamorous and spiritual at the same time!) A little escape from the chaos of Vegas is just what I needed as a special little belated birthday treat.

My friends and I wrote our intentions, burned them at sunset and shared a magical night filled with inspirational banter and yes, a little potato launching. You heard that right: I shot my first potato into the horizon. I told you I was well rounded! ; )


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