Flower Power

I love flowers, everything from the way they smell to the way they look. I ALWAYS have fresh flowers in my house at all times. The sweet-smelling, aromatic scents are always an instant mood booster for me, and the beauty of all the different kinds of flowers brings ambiance to any room or garden. However, flowers are more than just a finishing touch added to a tablescape or for a birthday bouquet sending well wishes: Flowers have vibrational energies that are used for healing.

The Universal Law tells us that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates; we are living in an ocean of energy. So it only makes sense that when we come into close contact with these healing flowers that there’s energy exchange in which we absorb these therapeutic vibrations. Think about when you smell the aroma of lavender, how does your body and mind react to the scent? I don’t know about you, but it instantly takes me to a place of serenity and tranquility. Many professionals opt to use lavender in aromatherapy for relaxation. That’s because lavender has energetic properties that promotes sleep, the calming of nerves, and easing of anxieties.

Different flowers give off vibrations that treat and can even heal various physical pains or emotional conditions. Want to stop procrastinating? Marigolds will move your blocks and give you some motivation for concentration. Need some more energy? Playful petunias will have you feeling pleasant and ready to go in no time. How about finally forgiving your coworker from two jobs ago for calling you out on something that wasn’t even your fault?! Well, Bleeding Hearts (yep, that’s a flower) will do the trick, helping you let go of any resentments you hold. Yes, flower therapy can do all of that. You may even find yourself being drawn to a particular flower. Could the universe be sending you a subliminal message? Hydrangeas, for example, are known as the flower of transformation because these fascinating beauties start off pink and bloom into blue. Think about the message here… maybe it’s time for some sort of transition in your life? Next time you find yourself in a garden or a florist, take notice of which flower you gravitate towards. You can learn a lot if you just take a look at the little signs the Universe is sending you.

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