New Moon – Making a Fresh Start

new moon 2We all make them; whether you call it a resolution, a wish, or a goal, we have a love affair with setting our deepest desires out into the universe. It’s one of my very favorite parts of New Years and birthday celebrations (second only to the parties themselves)! Every year, on these special days, we make the commitment to achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality. On those days only, we get a taste of the true power we have to command our own fate. They are days that we spend getting clear about what it is that we want to create for our lives. They are days known for shedding the old and openly embracing the new.

But what kind of power could we have over our lives and our situations if we took the time to make these intentions for ourselves on more than just one or two days out of the year? I’m sure you guys are expecting me to say something along the lines of, “Make every day your New Years. Every day is a fresh start,” or something like that. And while that is the truth, today I’d like to talk about something much more specific. Every day is a fresh start for us, it’s true, but if you don’t feel ready to tackle every day yet, why not try once a month?

There are special days each and every month assigned for wish-making and intention setting. These magical days are called New Moon Days.

You know how the sun makes its yearly travel through the star signs? Well, it turns out that it isn’t the only celestial body in our life that’s making its rounds. The moon makes a similar journey through the stars, but instead of spending a whole month in each sign, it stays a mere couple of days, and comes full circle in the matter of a month.

Each month, on the days when the sun and moon align in the same zodiac sign, the moon becomes dark and all but invisible to the human eye. This phase of the moon is commonly considered to be the moon’s “rebirth” phase; the beginning of the moon’s month-long life cycle. In astrology, these days are known as the most potent for wish-making. Think of it like a New Year celebration every month, where you take the time to meditate on what it is that you truly want for your life and send your desires out into the universe to allow them to manifest.

New moons are a great time for reflecting on your life, dreaming big, and making big plans to match (they are also a great day for getting a new hair cut, as they say your hair grows faster when cut after a new moon)! The two weeks following a new moon are great for planting the seeds that will make your wishes bloom (aka putting your intentions into existence: depending on your wishes, this might include creating a new schedule for yourself, setting up meetings, opening a savings account, etc).

Here comes a 30-second Astrology Lesson:

Every new moon has a counterpart full moon that we are graced with 6 months later. On these special partner full moons, we reap the fruits of our labor. If issues arise during a full moon, one tried and true astrology trick is to look back at the partner new moon six months previous and see what issues were created back then. You’d be surprised how many times the same problem can rear its ugly head, especially if it’s not dealt with fully and completely at the time.

As I mentioned before, each zodiac sign gets a chance throughout the course of the year to play host to the new moon’s visit. These visits will always occur during the month that the sun is visiting the sign. (You won’t find a Sagittarius new moon when the sun is in Pisces; it’s only when the sun is in Sagittarius, between November and December).

When the new moon is in your zodiac sign, the AstroTwins (aka my go-to star soul sisters) like to call this your “Cosmic New Year.” It’s like your own personal astrological new year. How cool is that?! But don’t worry, even if this month’s new moon event doesn’t happen to be your Cosmic New Year, it’s still a time that you can send wishes out into the universe and watch them manifest!

How to Make New Moon Wishes That Really Pack a Punch

While all New Moon Days are great for making wishes and starting anew, some New Moon Days are better for certain wishes than others. If I haven’t lost you yet, let me explain. You may not already be aware of this, but each zodiac sign rules different things. For example, Leo rules creativity, romance and children– including our “inner child.” So, one thing you might wish for under the Leo New Moon is to connect with the child within yourself by being more playful and carefree. The most important thing about new moon wishing is to be really clear about what it is that you want.

Remember, you are a powerful being and the universe listens to your every word, so be sure to be as clear and concise as possible.

Below are some great ways to celebrate and make your New Moons Days extra special:

1. Preparation is half the battle. The days leading up to the new moon are great for really thinking about what desires you may have. Spending these few days reflecting on what it is that you want can be great to get you clear on your intentions before it’s time to ask the universe for assistance with them.

2. Write it out. On the day of the new moon, one thing I love to do is write out all my new moon wishes. Keep the wishes in a box or other special place, or jot them down in your journal so that you can look back to them 6 months later when the corresponding full moon is out.  It’s a fantastic way of keeping track of what you are trying to create.

3. Create a ritual. It could be as simple as lighting a candle, burning some incense or sage to clear the energy, or even gathering with friends and sharing your wishes. Make New Moon Days special by creating a unique ceremony to go along with it.

4. Connect with Nature. Celebrating a “Water Moon” (new moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)? Take a stroll to the beach and meditate on your intentions. What about a “Fire Moon” (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)? Create a bonfire and let your inner goddess out while manifesting your wishes. Use the New Moon Days to get out in nature and celebrate Mother Earth.


As always, have fun with it, and don’t forget to think big!

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