The Truth!

I debated on if I should even do this but maybe this will put this all to rest. Just so you know I’ve been offered A SERIOUS amount of money to sell this to many outlets BUT I chose to do it for free here. (So all of you who have something to say can shove it : )) I wanted the truth to be out there not twisted the way it was when one of the magazines did a story on why I left the housewives in the first place. My gut feeling was just to remain silent but I do value the fans that have stuck with me and continue to support me after I left the housewives and I feel they do deserve an explanation. So this ones for you…everyone else just trying to start trouble, don’t even bother reading the rest.

 Soooo here it is~

Yes, It’s true I decided to distance myself from ALL the housewives once I left season 2…

I really wanted to walk away from all of the toxic behavior, I was not into ganging up on anyone and I was no longer obligated to talk about Danielle so the best thing for me to do was stay away. They still needed to do this and I get that, but I had no desire. I guess some of the “housewives” may have taken that as I think I’m better than them…that couldn’t be further from the truth.

 This is the truth~

As the housewives filming progressed for us so did my involvement in my foundation for children with Cancer Project Ladybug. The exposure we received from Bravo allowed Project Ladybug to spread it’s wings and I became more invested than ever and opened more funds throughout the country to help these children. When you watch mothers lose their children as I have, the bickering of who said what seems so silly. The “problems” that I once got so wrapped up in seemed so petty compared to what is really important in life. Working with these children & their families has been the biggest eye opening experience for me. I have become a better person than I was because of it and that is the truth.


I’m not proud of what went down season one and I entered into season two with a heavy heart, not really into it at all. Once I left I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I finally felt a sense of peace. I feel bad that I stayed away from anyone or anything that had to do with housewives and that DID include Teresa but I had to do what was right for me to maintain my happiness and steer clear of any drama. Teresa and I saw each other when she came to my big Ladybug event and I supported her at her premier party but other than that it wasn’t much more.


During this time some things that I will NOT get into did happen behind the scenes with certain family members and there is no right or wrong really…it depends on who you ask. Feelings did get hurt…I won’t get into them because I have no desire to rehash the past that can only hurt my parents whom I adore. I would rather stay away from it than fight, that’s what works for me and guess what? that’s ok. You are allowed to avoid the negative, do what you have to do to keep your spirits up and your soul in tact. I also will not try to talk America into taking my side as some others may feel they have to in certain situations. There is no side here, this is a private matter there are 3 sides to every story remember…it depends on who you ask. It’s a shame this TV show used to be about our lives and now some lives are just about a TV show. That’s not how it should be…


All I will say is that I LOVE all my brothers and sisters  nieces and nephews, and I want nothing but the best for them and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I do hope they feel the same about me. If any of them needed me I would be there for them in a heartbeat.  There are 11 of us, 5 are girls, there is always someone fighting with someone at some point, that’s just the way it is with a big family. I have a sister that not only lives with me but works with me, I’m going to Europe with another sister in a few weeks…we all have our ups and downs and there are some of us that just gravitate towards one another because we are more alike, that doesn’t mean we hate the others or at least that’s how I feel. Ok back to the subject matter…


It wasn’t until VERY recently that Teresa showed up at my doorstep in tears…apparently Caroline & Jacqueline had a sit down with her on camera (for season 4) and she felt attacked. All I did was console a friend who was obviously shaken. I felt bad for her..even though I had distanced myself from her a bit I was still her friend and she needed me. I did miss my God daughter and the rest of her girls and I’m not proud to say that in staying away from her I had stayed away from them too. Within a few weeks I went to Teresa’s house to spend Audriana’s 2nd birthday with Teresa and her family. No camera’s, no drama just a nice family night the way things used to be…Teresa has been nothing but supportive of Project Ladybug through the years and is extremely supportive of my new show on HGTV. She tweets about it all the time AND watches when she can as a friend should.

Teresa then asked me to come to the launch of a new product that’s very important to her. I said yes of course but when I heard camera’s were going to be there I got a bit afraid. I had not attended any other events that were being filmed just to stay away from any potential drama that might go down. I wasn’t invited to any of them either but that’s besides the point lol. Anyway..I was so relieved when I saw on my schedule that I had an HGTV shoot that day and I would have to go late. I thought for sure the camera’s would be gone by then BUT they were not.

After tripping on the red carpet and losing my shoe ( just trying to give you a bit of drama to keep you interested, it was a FABULOUS shoe though) Teresa and I briefly spoke about her broken relationship with her brother on camera. I gave her my best advice and told her to focus on all the good in her life and if her brother is meant to be a part of her life again he will be one day. She mentioned the drama with her and Caroline and I told her that if this is all about a joke in a book (and she assured me it was) that’s not enough for me to hate the mother of my God daughter and a friend of 15 years. Was it necessary to write that stuff in her book? probably not but I don’t think it was written with malice either. We are all guilty of joking a little too much now & then…”Teresa jokes” were all over this season, everyone of them took their turn on talkin smack. I even joked on WWHL with Andy about “ingredients-es” (is that how you spell that?).

So there you have it, Teresa had nothing to do with me staying away from everyone, I even stayed away from her too and I have no clue about all the drama that went on with everything else. I’ll find out with the rest of you when the show airs and I usually catch it on a rerun because I’m working my butt off most of the time. With all of our filming schedules I had no opportunity to find out anyway even if thing were still as they use to be.

I feel bad that my relationship with my sister and her family is strained, but I can assure you that one day it will be back to the way it was. I don’t like fighting, I don’t like drama, I don’t like confrontation, I don’t agree with ganging up on someone (one of the other reasons why I left season 2) and I don’t need to share anymore than that. I am not on this show anymore, I didn’t sign on for opening up every aspect of my life to the world for the rest of my life when I signed that Bravo contract.

I wish all the girls the BEST!! ALL OF THEM. I say we change this housewives thing around and show the world what we’re really made of! Let’s lift each other up instead of trying to tear one another down. Lets showcase what women are capable of, what I thought this show was going to be back in the day~ Running successful businesses, supporting amazing causes, raising incredible children and looking fabulous every step of the way. Unfortunately, not sure what the ratings on that would be : ( so I doubt that will happen.

As far as I’m concerned I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and try my best to stay out of the fray. THIS IS THE LAST I WILL DISCUSS ANY OF THIS. I am so happy filming what I love to do, planning parties and decorating has it’s fair share of drama but no one is hurting anyone and that kind of drama is just fine with me. I’m completely focused on my new venture and yes, I’m going to use this opportunity for a shameless plug too. Tune into “Dina’s Party” on HGTV every Sat at 10pm est. I DIDN’T sell this story for THOUSANDS of dollars but Mama didn’t raise no fool either ; ) PEACE OUT!! xo


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